About Hopeven:

Hopeven is a social enterprise driven by the goal of supporting rural Thai communities in-need through creative means. Working towards this, Hopeven has been providing support to three main groups of people through its sub-project—homeless women, rural farmers, and rural students in Thailand.





Founder & Team Leader

Pinrada is the Founder and Team Leader of Hopeven. Inspired by her experience working with different communities and groups of people in rural Thailand, Pinrada established Hopeven and started leading individual projects to provide help and support for these communities. Pin’s background includes experiences working in the field of business, as the CEO of KISCO, a student-led social enterprise that aims to promote fair-trade and help rural coffee farmers, and also the Director of Business Strategy for California Accent. On the other hand, her work also consists of community service and volunteer-based activities in women’s shelters, rural farms, and schools.




Korawan is the Treasurer of Hopeven. With a background in business and finance, which includes experiences establishing her own start-up business “Your Atmosphere” that sells Room Sprays and interning in the area of management and finance at Coffee Bean Restaurant, Korawan oversees the financial activities of Hopeven. Additionally, Korawan’s passion for advocating for equality in Bangkok has also led her to start her own website and photography account to raise awareness on related issues.



Public Relations Coordinator

As the Public Relations Coordinator, Tanyaporn manages the public image of Hopeven. Tanyaporn works to promote Hopeven’s cause and market our products, alongside managing our social media accounts and our contact with regular customers through communication platforms such as Line.



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